martes, octubre 03, 2006

Too stupid to not share

At work we have a temp doing some filing and organizing for us part time. We have a big project right now, and he has gone through all of the folders we had on hand plus 600 more that I bought and brought in. Before scheduling our temp’s next visit, I checked with our admin that handles orders to make sure we would have enough on hand – after all, if he shows up and we don’t have work for him, we pay him for nothing. A few emails later, she had confirmed a delivery date for more folders and set up a date that the temp could return.

“Thanks for your help,” I emailed back. “I want to make sure we don’t get caught by supplies.”


Blogger AlaskaJen said...

LOL!! Remind me to tell you this joke about these 2 asian people and the railraod. I promise to try and not screw up the punch line!

10/03/2006 4:56 p. m.  

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